Piwnica Kulinarna


A modern fixed Masurian tradition

Are you looking for an extraordinary restaurant in Mikołajki?


Piwnica Kulinarna Króla Sielaw is a combination of the taste of traditional recipes from Masurian recipes and modern regional cuisine. More and more often in our dishes we return to childhood memories or stories heard by our parents or grandparents about what was eaten in the past. Wanting to create a completely new point on the culinary map of Masuria, we decided to take some of what we already know and combine it with what is not obvious. And so we present to you the Piwnica Kulinarna! This is where you will taste dishes that have already been forgotten – like flatbread, this is where you will get to know the taste of real goat meat and lambs bred only on natural feed, this is where you will try fish caught in our Masurian lakes. We focus on the quality of the products we offer, we move away from the chemical compositions of semi-finished products that are found in most kitchens. We are happy to celebrate the tradition of the flavors of our roots and season it with a hint of modernity.


We invite you for an unusual, aromatic journey through Masuria!