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Welcome to the Król Sielaw

We warmly welcome you in the heart of Masuria! In a place where tradition meets modernity, and Masurian flavors create consistency with the latest trends. The Król Sielaw will take our guests on a journey in time from the beginning of the appearance of Mikołajki on maps to the modern era. Here you will find rest in fully comfortably furnished rooms, created in a style reminiscent of the past of the building with preserved brick walls and natural wood. A feast for the palates a Masurian cuisine will be provided in one of the two restaurants, where we also serve local producers’ craft beers. We have also prepared a wide range of workshops prepared in accordance with the interests of our guests.

Król Sielaw is located in an over a hundred-year-old building in the very center of Mikołajki at 5 Michał Kajki Street.

Here, where tradition wins with modernity

Masurian cuisine

    Masuria is primarily a wealth of lakes, forests and fields. The clean waters of the lakes hide the tastiest fish, the forests are tempted by the kingdom of mushrooms and forest blackberries, the fields are golden with corn fields, and the meadows are full of herbs that have been the basis of Masurian cuisine for generations.

    Each dish served in one of our two restaurants is a real feast for the body and soul. We reach for traditional recipes forgotten in today’s rush to modernity.

    It’s been a long time since we had the opportunity to eat flatbread that we remember from childhood and that our grandparents often mentioned, or wonderful roast goat or lamb, which we know only from family holidays, when relatives came from distant places.

    We are a must-see during your culinary visit to Mikołajki. We want to host guests and local lovers of excellent cuisine.

    We invite you to return to the roots of true Masurian cuisine!

Rest in the heart of the city

Slow down, stay for a while

    Slow down, stay for a while

    Everyone who comes to Mikołajki will want to stay with them for longer. In spring, the city wakes up only, and in summer, it is bustling with life day and night. Shanty music is everywhere and there are souvenir stalls on every corner. In addition to delicious, traditional Masurian dishes, you also have a place to relax. In the upper part of the historic building, they are located above the restored rooms and family studios. Each room inside with an original interior with a modern character. Natural brick perfectly fits the aesthetics of this place. And the visible wooden beams arrange the purposeful building modules with their form.

    We invite you to take advantage of our stay and family offer.

Know among the unknown

Discover Masuria!

    Everyone has heard about the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes, the Land of a Thousand Lakes, or the Green Lungs of Poland. But where did the names come from, what are the legends behind it? What has not yet been discovered? Masuria is primarily fauna and flora, beautiful, mostly unpolluted like nature, although here too ubiquitous urbanization enters. Fortunately, we can still enjoy wonderful sunsets and sunrises, hear the undisturbed singing of birds among the dirt roads, smell pine needles while walking along forest paths.

    We want to show you unknown Masuria!

    There are many places worth visiting described in many guides. But what a joy it is to discover the unknown! We will show Masuria from a different side, we will lead you along less well-worn paths, we will show places where a traveler in Masuria rarely comes.

    We invite you for a trip!

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